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We Buy Houses Tampa Bay FAQ

We buy houses for cash in Tampa, which allows us to close quickly, without a broker, and on your terms. When you deal with Buy813, you won’t have to wait months for your home to sell or for the bank to accept your financing. We provide cash for houses in Tampa quickly and without the stress of a traditional home sale.

We understand how a once-loved property becomes a financial burden. We can create an offer suitable for you in whatever scenario you are in.

We Buy Houses Cash in Tampa, at Buy813 to make your home selling as straightforward as possible. We recognize the need for a quick cash sale as a house buying firm. That is why we pay cash for properties and eliminate the disadvantages of working with agents. We offer cash for a home in Tampa, so you may escape the headaches of a typical sale! 

Our funds are available TODAY! 

We use local/reputable title co’s and are able to buy your home as quickly as you would like!  If you prefer to wait, we are happy to wait as well!

We are interested in buying ANY house within an hour of Tampa, FL. We have purchased homes from $25,000 all the way up to $400,000. We would love the opportunity to buy your home!


In fact, we rarely buy houses that are fixed up in nice condition! We buy every house from a tear down or vacant lot all the way to a high end waterfront home.

Yes we do!

We understand that sometimes a tenant situation can spin out of control. If you have a difficult tenant, DON’T WORRY! We are prepared to buy the home from you, get cash in your pocket and then later we handle the tenant situation.

We do occasionally mail letters to homeowners with hopes of buying their home. The important consideration when you have multiple people trying to buy your house cash is to work with a real cash investor, not a wholesaler/flipper.

Absolutely not!

While we do have active real estate licenses in Florida, we do not charge a commission when we buy a houses in Tampa. We give you the best possible price that will still leave us a profit margin.

Yes we do.

We want to make a cash offer on the house you have for sale. Our goal is to find a win-win with you. Contact us today and let’s get started.

Yes we have!

On July 31, 2020 we were contacted by someone who wanted to sell a house immediately. The property address was 4913 N 42nd St in Tampa. We agreed on a price and we literally bought the house 2 hours and 2 minutes after they contacted us!

No one buys houses faster that we do!